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Maintaining clear

communication is vital for any business

Broadband while on the move has always been a challenge.. until now!

Coming Soon - AlbeePro-Mobile

The shape of secure, stable and mobile connectivity is about to change forever. The AlbeePro-Mobile will provide the benefits of bonding in a single portable device. Available for Pre-Order in the spring.


The Problem

When accessing the internet at home, work or on the move from your smartphone, laptop or tablet, we have all faced problems.


No one network has 100% coverage, so with a single SIM device you will struggle with poor or no network availability.


When moving in a car or train, a single SIM device loses connection as it hops between cell towers. 


Connecting to public wireless networks is risky as you never really know how safe an uncontrolled access point is. And once connected your data can easily be exploited and stolen.

The Solution

Albeego's range of devices provide stable, fast and secure connected broadband mobility whether static or on the move.

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Stay connected to different networks at the same time. Therefore, if one connection is weak or lost, the Albeego device simply connects to another network.


An Albeego device maintains connectivity on the move by managing the problem of 'cell handovers' through access to more than one single network.


As an Albeego device connects to the network via multiple encrypted connections, your data is never exposed to the 'raw' wireless environment. This aggregation, provides a faster, more stable and secure broadband connection.

Albeego made simple!

Please watch the video for a quick overview of the technology and benefits of the Albeego solution.

The Albeego Solution is a simple as A, BEE, C!

Our mission is to make your life easier and less stressful!​

We want everyone who has a  smartphone, tablet, laptop or any IoT type device for that matter, to connect to the internet or a private network as effortlessly and securely as possible.


Unbox the freshly delivered Albeego  device, courtesy of your Albeego approved reseller. Congratulations! You are one step nearer to better communications.


Complicated set up is unnecessary as your subscription includes access to Albeego's global network. *


Switch it on and your Albeego device scans its environment to find the best available multiple network connections. **


Connect all your devices to the Albeego router via WiFi or an ethernet cable to access the internet or your own network.


Access to BeeView, our online service portal will provide a window to view live performance information, configuration options, data usage and support.

* The Albeego solution can be deployed within your private cloud or installed within your data centre.

** Selecting an Albeego data plan will provide access to 650 networks across 180 countries globally. Customers can use their own data plans if preferred.

BeeView - The Albeego Portal

Access to important information regarding your Albeego device is through the BeeView portal.


Live information about your Albeego device's performance


Simple configuration options


SIM data management (We’d hate you to run out of data!)


Help & Support

Get in touch

Any questions? 

Please contact us for information on Albeego solutions and to stay updated on product news.

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