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The Albeego Story So Far...

Mk I ‘Margarine Tub’
Mk I ‘Margarine Tub’

When Albeego’s CTO, Colin Hamilton first came across bonding as a means of aggregating broadband connections for a faster and more stable connection to the internet, he immediately saw the potential for the technology across diverse applications and market sectors.


However, Colin’s appetite for the technology’s potential was suppressed by the cost, and complex set up and operation of available bonded router technology.

Minimal Viable Product version 3
Minimal Viable Product version 3

Unperturbed, and carrying a margarine tub containing a Heath Robinson mix of 4G USB dongles, a Raspberry Pi, Ni Cad batteries and some off the shelf VPN software, he boarded a train from Crewe to London Euston, and successfully streamed Sky News on his MacBook via his homemade bonded router and the idea for Albeego was born!


Teaming up with Simon Precious the pair, who had previously worked together designing and integrating systems for complex telecommunication and security projects in the Middle East and Africa; set out their vision for bringing the benefits of bonded broadband to a wider market. This vision, ‘to deliver fast, stable, resilient, and secure broadband connectivity to anywhere, static or on the move’ was based on the following cornerstones:

  • ‘Commoditise’ the technology by making the purchase and operation of the solution affordable through modern software and hardware design, development, and production methodologies.
  • Provide a global data and 24/7 support via a Solution as a Service model
  • Reduce complexity of set up with minimal touch set up and self-configuration
  • Create innovative and unique features to increase security, reliability and provide true mobility

First trial of developmental ‘margarine tub’.

World class hardware design
World class hardware design

A potent software development team was assembled alongside partners with expertise in hardware design and development such as the Manufacturing Technology Centre. This potent mix of ingenuity and experience purposely set about building the Albeego vision.


To date, the bonding technology, associated hardware devices and network and SIM infrastructure has been extensively tested across multiple applications, continents, and diverse environments.


Feedback from our early adopters has been extremely encouraging and we are confident that we are well on the way to achieving our vision.


“Let’s bee connected”.

Pre-production prototype & Final Production versions.

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