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BeeSIM selects the best SIM profile from hundreds of global operators

Albeego’s patented Agile SIM Technology (AST) manages the selection of the most appropriate network dynamically by controlling the Albeego device’s radios.

Account support and data are rolled into one easy monthly payment including on-line portal support and over-the-air SIM provisioning.


Typically, mobile broadband devices will use fixed network SIMs, that is they are tied to a specific operator, for example Vodafone or EE. This can work just fine when the local mobile network environment is strong, but as we have all experienced when on the move, or in an area with poor coverage, the user experience can be extremely frustrating with drops outs, slow throughput or no connectivity at all.

To counter this, multi SIMS are sometimes used. Organisations known as MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) provide the SIMS, which can access a variety of networks. The issue here however is that the SIM can only select a network on initial start-up, tying you to it when circumstances may change, meaning it isn’t necessarily the best option anymore. Network selection isn’t dynamic or intelligent, and coupled with the fact that multi SIMS can be very expensive, particularly when roaming, it again often proves not to be fit for purpose.

BeeSIM™, by Albeego™ is a powerful SIM management service that can overcome the problems of poor network coverage and expensive global roaming. BeeSIM is a new technology that manages the relationship between the SIM and the environment around it.

Using a combination of SMART Multi SIM and Agile SIM Technology (AST™), the BeeSIM can select an appropriate, cost effective SIM profile from hundreds of operators. This can be done ‘over the air’, freeing up the user to not have to worry about buying different SIMS, or that their device is consuming expensive roaming data or isn’t performing to maximum speeds with optimal security. All that is taken care of, providing an unrivalled user experience, previously impossible.

BeeSIM™ works hand in hand with AST™, and using network information gathered in real time, it allows the Albeego edge appliance or router to make informed decisions about its network selection. In the UK, for example, the device can assess coverage up to and including 5G, and select any of the four major UK networks in any combination for maximum performance and resilience.

When travelling abroad, using UK based SIMs can be expensive as they will incur local operator roaming charges, often bringing a nasty surprise on your next bill. However this problem is negated by BeeSIM, as the SIMs are ready to spring into action the moment you switch on your device abroad!

On arrival in a foreign country the Albeego device recognises that it has left the UK based on its on-board GPS information. It then loads the BeeSIM Discovery Profile onto its mobile radios - a globally recognised SIM profile which allows the device to map the local networks available to it.

Once its new location and the local networks are confirmed (in a matter of minutes), each of the device’s BeeSIMs reach out across the global Albeego network to one of many global BeeSIM hubs. The nearest hub will then send a new network profile to each of the device’s BeeSIMs, which turns the SIMS into effectively local ones, allowing connectivity at local rates rather than roaming charges.

Operating devices that consume mobile data require SIM and data management. This can be a complex and distracting overhead, particularly when managing multiple accounts.

BeeSIM has been designed to be simple, with SIM data and account management carried out by Albeego as part of the monthly license fee when operating the service. There is no need to contact Albeego prior to roaming outside of the device’s normal country boundaries, cost effective multi network local and global roaming is catered for in one easy monthly payment included with your licence fee.

The Albeego network and its services are inherently secure, but some clients need higher levels of anonymity to operate efficiently. BeeSIM uses multiple IMSI profiles which are not tied to the device or its radios, delivering a unique level of anonymity to the device and it’s user.

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