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Connect any device to a trusted network wherever you are

Albeego is a bonded broadband ‘Solution as a Service’

Albeego Hardware powered by AlbeeConnect

Designed to operate across a diverse range of applications, Albeego devices provide minimal touch set up and ease of use.

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Mobile Communication Device


Edge Appliance with integrated bonded communications


Edge Appliance with integrated bonded communications

Albeego's Devices

Albeego's Devices

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Albeego's Devices

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Albeego's Devices

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Albeego's Devices

How does the Albeego Solution Work?


Stay connected to different networks at the same time. Therefore, if one connection is weak or lost, the Albeego device simply connects to another network.


An Albeego device maintains connectivity on the move by managing the problem of ‘cell handovers’ through access to more than one single network.


As an Albeego device connects to the network via multiple encrypted connections, your data is never exposed to the ‘raw’ wireless environment. This aggregation provides a faster, more stable and secure broadband connection.

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