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AlbeePro-Pinion Bonded Edge Appliance
AlbeePro-Pinion Bonded Edge Appliance

The AlbeePro-Pinion is a compact, next generation smart bonded edge appliance that provides a powerful edge application compute platform. With the added advantage of instantly available, fast, stable, and secure broadband connectivity to the cloud or core.

Specifically designed to be a powerful bonded edge appliance, the compact and powerful router can be desk or wall mounted with power via USB C or PoE. The Pinion can also be vehicle mounted, easily integrating with the vehicle’s ignition system, providing permanent vehicle edge compute and bonded broadband connectivity.

The AlbeePro-Pinion bonds multiple 3G, 4G, LTE or 5G connections together to form a broadband connection when static or on the move in a car, bus, or train etc. Bonding at layer 3 allows QoS and traffic shaping to be applied across the bonded group.

Designed for simple, rapid deployment, AlbeePro-Pinion is a self- • optimising system requiring no user configuration or training. It uses the latest in IPsec VPN technology to enable highly encrypted bonding at layer 3 and incorporates patented active counter cyber • and connection optimisation features.

Designed to actively auto optimise how it connects to the local mobile networks to maximise connected performance. The system also protects • user anonymity using multiple obfuscation features. Providing an instantly available and powerful edge compute platform or a simple but secure branch office extension, the AlbeePro-Pinion is ideal for fast, non- planned and simple deployment.


  • 4G/LTE/5G connectivity, seamlessly switching between networks as availability dictates
  • Enables QoS and traffic shaping to be applied across the bonded group
  • Zero touch system with no training required enabling quick and simple deployment
  • Works on the move by dynamically managing its on-board mobile network connections
  • Smart power management for maximum battery life and uses standard, off-the-shelf USB C charging (phone charger)
  • Identifies, avoids, counters, and reports cyber threats and attacks
  • Hardware agnostic, open interfaces, evergreen technology to avoid vendor lock-in and technology obsolescence

Special Features

  • Provided as a fully supported and managed service
  • Zero touch operation, switch on and connect
  • Incorporating BeeSIM, a fully managed roaming SIM service
  • Over the Air (OtA) SIM provisioning for local IMSI operation
  • Powerful edge appliance capable of running multiple VM based edge applications
  • On board battery for tetherless operation

Further Information and Specifications

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