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Albeego has developed a range of solutions that were initially developed based on a requirement for highly secure mobile connectivity in environments that often do not have reliable communications infrastructure. This originated from the military heritage of the founding Albeego team and the gaps that they saw with available technology.

Once developed, and tested by the military, the logical progression was to offer these solutions to businesses across the world, such is the scale of potential application as nobody was offering a comparable solution. Connectivity is never 100% and certainly on the move issues can arise with reliability of connection, cost, speed and security.

By bonding any available technologies, not just cellular but potentially V-SAT or even TV White Space. suddenly broadband becomes available almost anywhere in the world with an intelligence to utilise the most cost effective bearers giving maximum performance available. With mobility cracked, offering static solutions became the next logical step; often sites require connectivity quickly, or have connectivity that is slow or unreliable. By bonding available technologies, a company can have a secure broadband connection within minutes of unboxing an Albeego router.

The journey to date has given Albeego the vision to be the world leader in affordable, easy to use bonded technology empowering people, communities and organisations to overcome previous obstacles to the connected world.

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