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AlbeePro-Nomad Bonded Router
AlbeePro-Nomad Bonded Router

The AlbeePro-Nomad is a compact, next generation smart bonded device providing an instantly available, fast, stable, and secure broadband data connection for an individual or small business group.

Specifically designed for bonded mobile connectivity, the compact router weighs just 1.4kg including the battery. The AlbeePro-Nomad is compact enough to be carried in a small bag or in a laptop case.

The router bonds multiple 3G, 4G, LTE or 5G connections together to form a broadband connection when static, or on the move in a car, bus, or train etc., and enables QoS and traffic shaping to be applied across the bonded group.

Designed for simple, rapid deployment, AlbeePro-Nomad is a self-optimising system requiring no user configuration or training. It uses the latest in IPsec VPN technology to enable highly encrypted bonding at layer 3 and incorporates patented active counter cyber and connection optimisation features.

Designed to eliminate poor coverage, protect user anonymity, and detect attacks, the AlbeePro-Nomad uses patented Albeego technology to evade, recover then re-obfuscate identity if compromised, ensuring complete protection for the user.


  • Ultra-low SWaP for ease of mobility
  • Enables QoS and traffic shaping to be applied across the bonded group
  • Zero touch system with no training required enabling quick and simple deployment
  • Works on the move by dynamically managing its on-board mobile network connections
  • Smart power management for maximum battery life and uses standard, off-the- shelf USB C charging (phone charger)
  • Identifies, avoids, counters, and reports cyber threats and attacks
  • Hardware agnostic, open AlbeePro-Mobile Bonded Router interfaces, technology vendor technology obsolescence
Special Features

Special Features

  • Provided as a fully supported and managed service
  • Zero touch operation, switch on and connect
  • Incorporating BeeSIM, a fully managed roaming SIM service
  • Over the Air (OtA) SIM provisioning for local IMSI operation
  • Global network access with local breakouts
  • Uses Albeego’s global network, or can deploy as a private network
  • On board battery for tetherless operation

Further Information and Specifications

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